Friday, 7 March 2014


i am hoping to be able to highlight some special person that has resonated with me in some way: this is my first try and i think you will like what i have to say...there will be people that inspire and there will be people that you remember and then there will people that make you smile. This is one of them...

DANIELA DUVA director of operations @ SURVIVOR BOOTCAMP and DIVA DIVERTENTE.(italian: entertaining)

I first met Daniela during a Canfit conference in Vancouver. She had signed up to one of my seminars. We went around introducing ourselves and giving everyone else in the room our ‘elevator pitch’. Her smiley eyes and confident posture resonated with me: you know how you go to functions, attend meetings , listen to seminars and generally network to meet people: some people you meet and try hard to remember their names you somehow forget them the moment another face presents themselves or you get on with your busy day. There are those few, however, that for some reason that is apparent or sub conscience, you remember them and everything they said about themselves. It was not the exceptional, fabulous, superstar life they were telling you about, but rather the random things they said were said with passion, with vigour, and just that kind of personality you want to know more about, you want to be friends with or made you smile.
    Daniela is truly a self made woman, struggling in her early adult life with single mom duties and mixed directions in her life. Her history and reasons for getting into the fitness industry are NOT typical: out of desperate need for childcare and money, she did what she had to do to SURVIVE. Daniela’s SURVIVOR BOOT CAMP lives by it’s name. Although she bought the franchise with that name, it instantly became part of her. Anyone can enter the fitness industry and it seems at times it is saturated with many non inspiring ‘professionals': WHY? Probably taking things too seriously, forgetting about the real purpose of this ‘service’ industry and making fitness a chore for most people. Her success in her endeavours centres upon HER and what she projects to her victims: her smile, her energy, her humour and her confidence. All these things come out and make people just want to be with her. 
When asked about ‘why do you think you are so successful?’
Daniela said: “it’s because I’m fun!”, not the special exercises, nor the after burn and calorie consumption, or even the before and after photos…people follow her classes and want her to be the leader, the motivator, the pusher, the person who you don’t mind getting insulted by now and then when you deserve it. 
Daniela Duva has the bonus of being Italian, so am I  this perhaps is why I have a slight genetic affinity for her. Italians have SURVIVED many wars, famines, natural disasters: SURVIVING is one of our chromosomes. We all know that everyone wishes they were Italian. The humour and class that Italians are famous for come through with her. It was a nice cup of coffee I had with her. Had a fun talk and had some useful tips on networking. Daniela’s generous nature and just overall energy filled the room. Her bootcamps are held mostly outdoors and are jam packed with drills, intervals and most importantly PEOPLE.
Some days when it is pouring rain, your taxes are due, and your cute puppy just soiled your new rug, think about how you can SURVIVE this too, look at everything you do as something DOABLE. Don’t ever take yourself too seriously, and most importantly BE FUN!


Thursday, 23 January 2014


this is me trying to blog...i feel very bloggy and and yet have nothing to say... i will try this again soon

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Step Right Up and See What's In Store!

Hello, and welcome to the I-vana Blog, official blog of Cardio Cabaret™. For those of you who don't know, Cardio Cabaret™ is an interval based program geared toward fitness and overall healthy living for folks of all ages. This is done through fun and community a positive atmosphere, alongside real, hand picked music.

So who are you, anyways?

Our creative director is Ivana Cappelletto. Cardio Cabaret™ was born where her personal and professional lives crossed paths. Having been an athlete (in cycling) and a dancer for many years, life, job, kids, busyness, and growing older were hampering fitness and overall health. Then she realized it is NEVER too late to feel GREAT! 

She found there was a gap in the market, so she filled it with a body-positive, fun, social class. Exercise should be fun, not an obligation. A social class is better for you mentally and emotionally. A class which makes you feel good immediately is one you will keep attending- there are both short term and long term results. 

Based in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, herding two kids and four dogs, she teaches group fitness and flamenco and works as a graphic designer. With all that going on, Cardio Cabaret™ is a passion she is excited to be able to share! First Sechelt, now Vancouver.... Soon the world!

Ok, but why does a fitness program need a blog? 

Im so glad you asked! I know these days it seems that everyone and their dog has a blog, is it really important? 

YES! Cardio Cabaret™ is so much more than going to classes. We aim to create an inclusive and supportive community between all our instructors, class members, and other interested parties. Health is so much more than just exercise. The mental and emotional aspects of life can have a profound impact on your body and affect your whole outlook! 

Over the coming months some things you can expect to see here are:

- Links to, and discussions of, articles, videos, and other media. There is so much out there, no one could ever read it all. When we find something interesting, I'll share it with you. 

- Health and fitness information. There are so many contradictory "rules". So much misinformation. So many sources. Every year there's a new "miracle diet", a new "one true way" to work out. It's important to be informed about the biology behind your body, so we would like this to be an opportunity to share and discuss information without all the marketing!

- Recipes. We all want to eat well, but sometimes it is so much work. Sometimes, there seems to be a huge gap between what is delicious, what is easy to make, and what is healthy. You need healthy fuel for a healthy body, but at the same time restricting yourself or feeling guilty about eating is not healthy for your mind! Delicious, simple, and healthy recipes we love will be shared here. 

- Anecdotes, stories, and experiences to entertain and inspire. 

- Style tips. No, we are not a fashion blog. No, we will not judge you if you aren't wearing this season's hottest shade of peach. How you look affects how you feel more than most of us would like to admit, and it often has very little to do with what is on the runways. Dressing for your body type, mood, personality, and age can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin (and more comfortable in your clothes- pants that don't fit are the worst- eek!). Being proud of your look can improve everything from your self confidence to your posture. 

- An more! As the Cardio Cabaret™ community grows, the number of people we can all learn from, and the interesting discussions we can have will only increase. I look forward to sharing this community of fun and support with all of you!

~ Astrid

Friday, 26 April 2013

Hello World!

Welcome to the blog! I am testing links, images, and other things. Here is a picture:

There's not much else to say at this point, so I'll leave you with a quote (to test the formating). 

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."- Einstein